1.2 Update uh.. update

So I haven't been doing too much on Walking Tourist lately, however it is not yet completely dead. I don't have a date for when the next update will be coming but I thought I would put a little update about where it is.

There are three  things coming with it. The first two are basically just improvements for the windows build. I ditched the installer and fixed an issue with audio on windows 7. I also (mostly) have a windows store build working (I simply haven't gone through the steps to get it ready to go up) so that may come to.

The more interesting bit, and why I have held of, is there will be another area to unlock that will also feature a mechanic  I implemented but isn't yet featured in any levels. I do have the levels laid out so it is mostly just creating the assets and putting it all in the game. If I would hazard a guess expect it within a week or two after DishPig launches.

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