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Have had an idea for a new set of levels for quite sometime. Decided I found finally do it before moving ahead with my next project. There are 12 exciting new l...
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Engine update
Update 1.1.8 is up. This is just an engine update to bring in a number of fixes over the past several months. The biggest change is overhauling rendering primar...
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1.1.7 Update
The 1.1.7 update is up. The primary thing of interest in this update is a fix for stricter video cards than mine. I have to thank NottheDan for helping me track...
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Bug Fixes Update
A small update with a variety of fixes. Improvements to shadows and text really...
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Bug Fixes
An update is coming soon; hopefully tomorrow! What is coming? This is primarily a bug fix release although I also eliminate the installer (so standalone), and t...
1.2 Update uh.. update
So I haven't been doing too much on Walking Tourist lately, however it is not yet completely dead. I don't have a date for when the next update will be coming b...
PC Build
Just an update, a PC build is on its way. It is 99% done coding, just a bit of testing & bugs to go. It will launch with the first update for the game which sho...
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How do you play this game? What are the objectives and how do you fail them? What are the controls?
started by Frungi 11 hours ago
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I can't run the game, and the error message says OpenAL32.dll couldn't be found.
started by RadicalLynx Jun 16, 2020
6 replies
The program shortly opens a blank window that closes again after a couple of seconds. No error message or indication wha...
started by NottheDan Jun 27, 2020
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That would rock!
started by KeronCyst Jun 15, 2020
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