So we have done mucking about with cleanup and such fro the prototype.  The structure of the game is there so now I move on to refinement. This will involve bring in ancillary mechanics (say like random events), playing with numbers (I suppose you could call it balancing), improve interaction feel, and other stuff to get less from 'this works and is kind of fun' to 'I would like to play more please sir'. Along the way I have noticed one issue already that I am mulling around in my head about ways to improve it. You can currently stack stuff. This slows things down since it can add a bit of strategy, however with how the game currently plays there isn't a lot of reason to use the mechanic. What I usually try to do in this case is try a few things to see if it works, think about if the mechanic makes sense, and if either of those don't work out, drop it.  For the former the first thought is I need to add a bit more pressure for space so maybe I can make a common piece difficult to work with. This results in it building up thus it would be a good idea to stack it. Now, some of the time, it makes sense to stack at least some times. Another thing to try is work with how stacking works. If it was a bit quicker, then the 'cost' of stacking goes down for the 'gains' of increasing space. Or I could add a bonus that rolls up, now you want to get stuff stacked so you can see the bonus.

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