Modes, less randomness and more.

The past week and I bit I have trying to refine things a bit more and putting in bits I missed. One of the changes I made resulted in a huge spike in difficulty. It ended simply being that the change made two separate timers VERY important to each other. I have since added a new system that eliminates the need for one of those timers . I have not yet resolved the value of stacking and, to some extent, seem to have made it less valuable. Interestingly by actually giving the player breathing room to use it, I have inadvertently put more pressure to manage something  else.

I made a few other changes that have added a bit more difficulty, yet keep sessions really short (max 1 minute), which since this game is more suitable for mobile is probably not a bad thing. I am trying to decide if I should address that, or use it in setting up an over arching metagame.

*apparently I never published this. Is 1 1/2 weeks old.

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