Despite the devlog activity, I have been active. I have recently wrapped up a metagame to help tie the game together a bit. Essentially you own and are building up a restaurant as you improve your ability in the dishpit. You can add more space (so more dishes) and unlock new groups and dishes (different challenges). It is nothing terribly elaborate at this point, but it gives me something to work with. That is handy since I should be able to do my first public play test tomorrow (if you are in Melbourne and see this and go to the IGDA meets you too can try it!).

I have also put in another slice of not-squares visuals. I am currently mulling over how best to approach the visual assets for the dishes that ideally doesn't create a content nightmare for me. I will probably take the first stabs at that later this week, after adding a bit more content and taking in what I get from the playtests.

Oh ya, here is how it looks right now, obviously a long way left to go:

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