Appearances and Issues

The past week has been a bit slow due to both personal events and a hardware failure. I did a bit of work to try and finally get something new to look at for screenshotsaturday a few weeks ago. I was going to make one more visual change before doing more gameplay but unfortunately I had an equipment failure. The good news is in the meantime I have resolved some other outstanding issues and replacement hardware is coming soon, though. I also have some ideas to improve gameplay. From a recent playtest and my own playing I have noticed a few issues. One is that it takes a bit before time pressure really starts to build in the game. The problem is, of course, that when it appears it builds crazy fast so I am looking a way to even that out a bit. I was originally going to do it by just stretching the time between when you could possibly unlock more complexity, however I realised that within that I could also offer smaller improvements you can make that would slowly take out the sting before the next unlock. Along with the I have brought back the ability to move dishes around for a trial. It doesn't make it any 'easier' but it does allow you to make adjustments; which I am pretty sure are causing me to lose since I am trying to prefect things :D.  I have also realised that with the systems I currently have the game is sort of a balancing act. You need to manage your tray space well, keep bins emptying, and keep the rack full.

Which just gave me an idea...

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