A lot for a little

The past week has been spent finishing up the first pass of code for rendering more interesting and less 'prototype-y' dishes. I was hoping to switch back to gameplay by the weekend, but it took until today to wrap everything up. Despite all the effort, though, the actual appearance hasn't changed a whole lot. On the one hand, that kind of sucks. On the other hand it does have some value. The biggest is there has been a huge performance improvement since I am no longer using my debug system to render. But it also lays a lot of ground work code that I can build off of (hopefully) more easily. 
Nonetheless, I have one small change I will make in the next day or so. Right now I am fiddling about with the metagame a bit more in a way that will hopefully even out the difficulty more. Some of the early changes I made do seem promising. I may get a chance to see how others feel about it tomorrow though. 

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