Hard then Easy

A little aside, still getting the hang of how itch.io devlogs work. Preceding one actually should have been out last week...

Any way, the past week has had some work on UI and some work on balancing. The balancing has been the curious one since several times in this project I have made a change that has either A) made the game REALLY hard or B) Made the game really easy. Well, this week I ended up with option A. BUT this has resulted in me reworking two abandoned mechanics to resolve that and I think (hope) it is a bit better. We'll see though. I still have to run through higher 'levels' to see if they are feasible (and if the metagame isn't getting too in the way).

As for UI, things are slowly making more sense.  The biggest change was to rework the metagame UI. I have added a handful of things, and removed others, but always done it super quick. This is fine for me, problematic for having others play test. So I reworked the screen so at least important stuff isn't tucked away. This game has also relied on drastic improvements in how I do a lot of 2D rendering. This has been good, but is clearly still in need of more work. I realised today one aspect needs to be completely reworked because it is too rigid for what it is used for. Have to put that off for a bit though since right now getting the game balanced and sensible is a bit higher priority than weird UI hacks and stray triangles.

Hopefully this time I post this correct...

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