Not a whole lot of report right now. I was away for two weeks so didn't get anything done during that time. What I did manage to do while away, though, was some play testing. Or more specifically having someone else play the game so I can identify gameplay issues. Besides finding a few bugs, it also let me see my concern that the advancement system just didn't make a lot of sense. Similarly it made me dislike the current 'end run' system. Although at the it game me ideas for possible improvements. Right now I have been bug fixing and removing dead code. Starting tomorrow I'll start putting in the changes and see if it improves how the game plays.

It still doesn't address one concern I have which is that there are cycles of very intense play and then seemingly nothing to do. It isn't totally true there is nothing to do, it just isn't obvious its value (I think). I'll be working on the other changes first as I am still not sure of what to do about that (I have ideas, but not enough).

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