Bugs, Reviews and UI

Look at the, UI up there again... clearly the game play is not terribly complicated because most of my time is on UI. What sort of UI?
Well, I spent one day just fixing a whole mess of bugs. Lots of little stuff like icons not appearing, starting a wash at silly times, overlays offset wrong and so. The rest has mostly been part of the UI revamp kick I have been on. I updated the pause screen to get rid of stuff I didn't need there and add stuff missing. As part of that it is now also possible for me to: ask for reviews (please review games!), try and sell my other titles, and give a convenient way to hassle me if something isn't right (please don't harass me...). I have it still needs more work to collapse it a bit more (the idea was the streamline it) but the bits I need exist and it now isn't pure debug.
The other big thing that I have started is the revamp of the restaurant area. I spent a little over a day working a new widget that I have been wanting for a while. With it out of the way (mostly; I realised I forgot one little thing) I began the revamp. It is already has basic funcationally, which is good. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest of the critical features in.

With that out of the way I still have transitions and other animations to sort out. There is a fair bit so the interface is less stiff but I will put them off for a few days. While the game seems to be fun to play, there are improvements I want to make both to extend the interest... and maybe give a bit more incentive to spend money/watch ads happily. I have discussed some ideas with the principal person testing (and discovered a few minor things that aren't so minor when you play a bit). So that is what is next.

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