Enough UI for a bit, back to the game.

A buys week this last one. I wrapped up the major UI changes for now. The restaurant screen is much, much sleeker now. It still needs some work functionally, and I am not happy with how a few things are positioned (e.g. the giant gap between the top stuff and bottom stuff in portrait) and such. However it is functional and that is the big thing right now.
I also fixed a handful of bugs as seems to happen. While adding in some new sounds, I realised that a part of the code the manages volume was broken. That would explain why the audio was described as annoying (I haven't played w/ levels, just did a quick adjust to what they should be. However the value was being ignored...). After a few more crashes, I finally setup a system to auto unlisten to events. The event system is structured to be performant, unfortunately this creates a big issue for unlistening effectively. Since the crashes can be pretty nasty when the unlisten is switched, I caved an setup a system for it to use in areas that are especially problematic (e.g. entities that listen to a lot, or have targets changed a lot; these lead to more opportunities to forget).
Conversely to the volume data being ignored, another value related to timing of orders was NOT being ignored... jsut not used. I put that in as part of a few fixes to help alleviate some issues with big orders (hopefully; no complaints yet).
On that note, though, I have been going back and forth about what to do about the value of consumables and such. I need them to have worth so folks are happy to watch ads or spend money for them. However the difficulty of the game makes it hard for them to feel 'useful' enough. One tester does say that the consumeables are useful, once she realised how to use them. Maybe that is the major problem? Related after getting a fair bit of play testing in last night it is good to know that people seem to be enjoying the game (although one artist was not a fan of the game's appearance :D )
Lastly I have a few things related to finally launching the game to do, along with gameplay tweaks. So that is what is up for this week. One is almost done. I am hoping the other big one (some semblence of a tutorial) doesn't take too long...

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