IAPs and fixes

Apologise for the delay, was busy last  night. So what did we do this past week? The biggest was probably just updating the IAP system, adding its UI, data and testing it to fix any issues. Along the way with that we hit a nasty bug in JNI, which we did fix. We also found a few small memory leaks. I am still considering one small adjustment to the system since one of the IAPs I am offering has had a shifting purpose. Oh ya, and options are changed such that a 'premium' (read desktop) build works just fine w/o ads & IAP.

I fixed a variety of other small issues. Most of it pretty minor. Missing icons, review state no saving, audio state not saving, audio interference, messaging around banquets, etc. Oh ya, and I tweaked some critical values around gameplay so I did another Alpha build. I don't expect to do another and just be in Beta by next week.

The other larger thing I did was add in some exposure of stats about your runs so you can see how well you have done. Nothing terribly exciting, but a few people have asked about that. I may expand it, but we'll see. I have also begun work on UI transitions. The first chunk is nearly done which is good. Hopefully I will get to the other chunk later today and it will go as smoothly.

As I  noted, should be beta by next week. I think when I went through what I have left, there isn't much. I have a set of basic marketing assets. The transitions, and another pass to make my ui prettier. Another pass on improving the appearance (and variety) of dishes. A bit more balancing & additional content. And I guess getting the builds ready for all platforms. 

If I can get through without too many issues I had two 'nice to haves'. The first was to hook that stats system into platform achievements. Thought that may be nifty, but since my engine doesn't support it yet there is a high tech risk. The other is to split the appearance and shape.  The idea is that since shape affects gameplay it should be a separate thing to kind of fiddle with from how the dishes actually look (currently they are locked together).  It is a much lower tech risk since I actually have to do some changes any way so it may open up an easy route to do that. It also gives me something else for players to get in the game. Although as I have noted to one of the folks that helps me is it is still limited since content is expensive for me. 

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