Was a little slower last week due to illness in the house and getting set up to do contract work for a little extra money. Did manage to get through a fair bit nonetheless. Just about everything had to do with appearance. Wrapped up stuff with icons and the like. There are a few screenshots now up in the other stores (already have some here, and just added more). I wrapped up the transitions for the dishpit. Although after some playtesting today there is another one I may add.  I also did a variety of small UI improvements in the dishpit, and a whole bunch of fixes (mostly UI). The items now have actual assets (if you can call it that) when the drop event.
On the not-visual-side, I turned a test feature into a setting. If you go into settings (on mobile builds) there is an option to switch the vertical wash. This lets you swipe up, instead of across, to start the wash. I tested this as a request from a friend to make playing one handed easier. There are still some quirks with playing one handed, but this is definitely a huge improvement.
Other than that? BETA! I have a beta build up for the mobile build for Android. iOS is in review. If you want to try out the Android buid... click here. As for iOS, Testflight works a bit differently. You can either click here to sign up for my beta mailing list, or you can add yourself directly by filling out the form here. I'll add folks in and you should be setup.  I am still considering a beta build on, although PC builds need a bit of work to get set up (still going to do) and they play a little different (since no IAPs or Ads). Either way, give it a go and let me know of any issues/comments/accolades.

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