Beta Round 2

This week will be a bit brief on account of the contract. What did I manage to get done though?

The biggest would be wrapping up the improvements I had in mind to help messaging in the game. I added a little flicker when the impending overlfow warning starts happening to make it just a touch more noticeable. There is a little label on the replay button in the game over screen. Originally I wasn't crazy about the idea (less text!) but it looks kind of nice, I think. Dishes now animate when the move around the table (so changes aren't 'hidden' when the same type of dish moves into a spot). Lastly when you stack dishes a shadow starts to appear and intensifies up to 10 dishes. It is subtle so there is something without being distracting. We'll have to see how folks respond to the changes. it is always interesting when my adjustments cause drastic changes in perception (best when they help things).

I also got in a slew of bug fixes. A lot of smaller stuff. I also found a handful more today trying to get builds ready. And I put in a few small requests surrounding the stats (And fixed a funny bug related to localisations). Now I am starting to want formatting in my text rendering....

Oh ya, and submitted the game to the local festival celebrating indie games here, Freeplay. Doubt my game is as crazy amazing enough to get nominated, but you never know and people do seem excited when I tell them about it. (and some get sucked in to playing). 

Related to that is the release of the second beta. If you want to give it a go click here for Android devices. For iOS you can sign up for testflight with my handy dandy beta mailing list or hassle me with the form here.

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